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Pro Football Hall of Famer Will Shields had a career that was highlighted by his work ethic and attention to the details. When Will was drafted out of college in the third round, not everyone in the organization felt he was right for the pro game. In fact, his position coach expressed concern that coming from the University of Nebraska that he would not be able to pickup pass blocking. Commitment to working out with his position prior to the start of the season, Will was able to take on the learning curve and adjust to the new style of offense. As a result, Will ended up spending 14 years in the NFL, all with the Kansas City Chiefs. During his career he never missed a game, playing in a franchise-record 224 consecutive regular season games with 223 starts. His hard work and dedication also earned Will a record 12 consecutive Pro Bowls appearances.  Will credits his discipline and hard work ethic, which was instilled at a young age, to growing up with a father in the military and living in a military town. 


Since retiring from football Will has continued to be involved in sports. He has been owner/operator of 68’s Inside Sports, fitness and sports training facility. He serves as a Coordinator for the NFL Legends Community, an organization designed to connect former players with each other and their former teams. He remains a part of the Kansas City community with his foundation, Will to Succeed Foundation, which has helped over 100,000 individuals since its inception. The Foundation focuses on literacy, initiatives to improve creativity in young students and helping both children in need and abused women.


Will, being a self starter, likes to inspire others to reach their full potential. Using examples of his own life and career, he points out the importance of a solid support system and the value of teamwork. “Strive for your best of what you can do. Be prepared. That’s the hard part about it, is being ready when the opportunity hits. How are you prepared for what you say you want to do? Education is the key, because the more you know, the more you know you don’t know, helps you become a better person. Because then you’ll look at it from all angles; not just from the one that maybe you think is right.” By helping athletes develop mentally and physically, we focus on the whole person approach that can be applied in all walks of life. The approach is to identify how each individual’s character traits affects how a person learns and then tailor teaching practices that best work for those character traits.



1. Committment. What does it look like and feel like?

2. Choices. How do we choose the right path.

3. Trust. Building trust starts in the mirror?

4. Determination. What can it lead to?

5. Teamwork. What is your role within the team.

6. Belief. It is not what you do when it is going well it is what you do when things are difficult.

7. The Hall of Fame attributes: The 7 pillars.

8. How music changed my life. Diversity of characters...who new?

9. Football 101. What you know and don't know about a college or professional athlete's it a cake walk?

10. Building a foundation for life. Why is community service so important to me? 

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