Artist Development

Do you feel like you have all the potential in the world,

but you just can’t seem to get over that hump?

There are a lot of great artists and bands that really could do something spectacular with some direction and guidance.  Generation Relevant Entertainment works with a very small select group of artists and bands developing them personally, their talent and the overall brand and marketing package.


This is not for the artist that is content with their current success status,  however, if you feel your band has all the talent in the world, but just can’t get to that next level, it may be for you

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Believe me, I felt that way for years of my music career.  That is, until I learned what to do to change that.   It wasn’t what I was doing, but how I was doing it that lead me to the biggest breakthroughs  in my music career.  And now I wake up every day with an expectation and excitement towards whatever that day will bring. I get to play better shows than I ever have for more money than I’ve ever made in my music career.


I have made what many would call mistakes AKA:opportunities, and a boat load of them.

I am offering you the opportunity to compress time in your music career and skip over the mistakes I’ve made.  In addition you will find that walking thru this program will also enhance your entire life including other vocations, relationships and over all personal enjoyment and fulfillment.


I’m sure what you really want to know is, will there be quantifiable results such as more gigs, better gigs and ultimately a hire income for doing what you love.   Assuming you are showing up with some degree of talent, absolutely you will get results.  But only if you choose to work this program and work harder on yourself than you ever have.  Here are what a few of the people I have had the pleasure of working with have to say.

Feedback and coaching are essential for any up and coming band. I sought Chad out on recommendation and was not disappointed. His years of experience and straightforward approach to the business of music was clear from our first meeting. In a short time period following his coaching we are booking better gigs, attracting higher end promoters and spending time on the right things instead of spinning our wheels. If you want to play for more people, build a business that can last and get paid better while doing what you love I’d suggest making the investment in his coaching.  If you want to play for more people, build a business that can last and get paid better while doing what you love I’d suggest making the investment in his coaching.

Miguel Caraballo

Run With It

2014 was a terrible year for me. My mom had passed away in January and my business was tanking. By the spring, I was doing grunt labor and glad to have the work! I got together with Chad in the summer initially to network for potential jobs but we began to explore how my thinking had changed and how I had strayed away from living in my zone of genius. We walked through different books and talked weekly. I began to relate better to my family and the world around me. My business came back strong to finish the year in the black with new clients. My music found its calling and I now make more weekly than I ever have. Chad has sparked a life-long change and I am grateful for his investment into my life!


Mike Wheeler

Saxaphone Player, Pastor, Worship Leader

I’ve been meeting with Chad weekly since March of 2014. To say that my life and direction have improved would be the greatest understatement of my life. Chad provides guidance and truth not often experienced when dealing with a consultant of any kind. Every person and plan is completely their own. As every individual and every band is in a different place in their development, Chad focuses on the next step for them … no one else. This is not a follow the dots relationship. Chad will become your mentor and I promise you will end up running almost everything in your life past him. I have grown into the person I always wanted to become and I give Chad the lion’s share of the credit. He can look at where you are and take you to the place you want to go step by step. I do not know of anywhere else that you can get this kind of actual improvement. The only warning I have is do not work with him if you want to stay in the same place in your life … you will move forward.

Curt Coolidge

President RBC Global / Bass Player-KC Groove Therapy

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