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The Groove Pilots

The Groove Pilots

Feel free to groove about the cabin by keeping up with the Groove Pilots, Kansas City's most accommodating musical crew.


After a test flight in December 2008, Kansas City's Groove Pilots officially took off in January 2009. The band features a mix of rock, funk and blues covers along with a few original tunes.

We like to think we put some fun in funky, and we try to be professional while not taking ourselves too seriously. We all have day jobs, although we do occasionally fantasize about being full-time musicians.

The founding rhythm section of bassist Dave "Candyman" Swiercinsky and drummer Tim Kelly forms the core of the Groove Pilots, joined by multi-instrumentalist Dave "Boz" Bostwick. In September 2009 guitarist Terry Gann became a regular performer with the band.

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