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The Elders

The Elders


“Songs of magic and mayhem and of better days ahead … contemporary Irish Folk Rock at its very best.“ Shay Clarke - IRISH AMERICAN NEWS

"Rocking music, thoughtful stories, and wonderful poetry." 
Stephen McSweeney - Celtic Music Magazine  

"Thrilling, propulsive, fantastic Celtic-pop. The Elders are a real find ... a band to shout from the rooftops about.” Robert Oermann - MUSIC ROW Magazine

“Great melodies, harmonies, musicianship, and song writing. The Elders are on a short list of great Celtic-Rock acts from around the world that I would speak proudly of.” John Bowles - Paddy Rock Radio

"The key to the band’s success is in its flawless blending of the Celtic storytelling tradition with contemporary instrumentation and, perhaps more importantly, their ability to write original songs that sound as timeless and authentic as the ancient jigs and reels that have inspired them." Brian Baker - PASTE MAGAZINE


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