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Superstar Mafia

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If you want to hear the hits, you simply turn on the radio. But if you want a full musical experience, there is no other band but Superstar Mafia! We are a 6-piece band from the Kansas City Metro area that plays everything from classic songs of the 60s and 70s all the way up to today’s hits you know and love. 


Since forming in 2016, Superstar Mafia is a group of seasoned musicians with extensive performing experience with the right sound and energy that will make you want to dance all night. Featuring the combined talents of local sensations Boogie Wonderland, Troubadour Retrievers, The Rent and The Heather Stones, Superstar Mafia was raised on everything from Michael Jackson to Prince to Bon Jovi and continues to let their eclectic roots shine through in their performances today.

Come check out Superstar Mafia, a group of true professionals on and off the stage who can provide listening and dance music for ALL entertainment settings!


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