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Silver Bullet



Silver Bullet KC is the most respected Bob Seger tribute band in the Mid West. Silver Bullet KC replicates the look, sound, and feel of the original 70’s rocker; Bob Seger. These veteran musicians love what they do and have developed amazing on-stage chemistry. They pride themselves on giving their audience an incredible high-energy, big-production stage show from start to finish. Dressed as the iconic Bob Seger, Silver Bullet KC's lead vocalist, has an amazing singing voice, flawlessly matching Bob's vocal range, raspy tone, and on-stage movements. Silver Bullet KC is comprised of six professional Kansas City area musicians that have come together to pay tribute to Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. Silver Bullet KC has been entertaining Bob Seger fans in clubs, private parties, and on large festival stages with their captivating live show. Silver Bullet KC delivers Bob Seger’s songs true to the originals and in the spirit of his legendary performances. Silver Bullet KC plays all the Bob Seger hit songs that everyone knows and loves. The addition of over $25,000 in stage production that includes a 12' high-definition, weatherproof jumbotron to enhance the music experience with great video and live shots of the audience displayed on that amazing big screen, Silver Bullet KC's live show is visually astonishing. Their performance is professional and highly engaging for their audience. Providing the best stage production and true to the original performance of the Legendary Bob Seger, Silver Bullet KC brings the very best of Bob Seger to audiences of all ages.

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