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Scotch Hollow

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"With such influences as Doc Watson, Chet Atkins, Big Mama Thornton, Bonnie Raitt, and Muddy Waters, the band is fast becoming a known name in the blues circuit. No one will dare say they aren’t paying their dues with two albums, the latest titled Little Tortuga, and one EP under their belt as well as more than 25 gigs coming up over the next few months alone." continue reading  
    -ScenesMedia, Suzanne Crain Miller

"Blind Willie Johnson’s Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning gets a wonderful interpretation next. Their down home reverential version is very true to the original recordings and the feelings from the vocals can actually raise the hair on your neck. This is one of the best songs on the album, and one of the best interpretations of Johnson’ song I’ve ever heard."  continue reading
           -Professor Johnny P's Juke Joint

"Scotch Hollow make roots music catchy and sexy again. Nowadays the latter element is often missing, with musicians overthinking things too much. Keeping it deceptively simple is an artform. Making it swing is even harder. They got it right on both counts." continue reading
               - Here Comes the Flood

"Scotch Hollow – Little Tortuga (Self-produced): Scotch Hollow is a roots band that mixes a generous helping of country twang with just enough blues to stir the pot. The group was founded by Mark Verbeck (guitar, songwriter) and vocalist Carly Martin. Based in Kansas City, the group now includes JD Linn (bass), Benjamin Scholz (drums, percussion), Brady Buster (harmonica) and Joel Schuman (piano). Verbeck wrote all but three songs and those were written by Little Walter, Howlin’ Wolf and Blind Willie Johnson. The performances are solid and spare as one would expect for this style of music. They certainly can raise a little sand in the down-home way. The disc is expected for release in April, but click here for a live slice of a song on the new disc. "
            --Dave Rogers (University of Virginia WTJU)

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