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Poison Overdose

Poison Overdose


Poison Overdose, is the most notable Poison tribute band, currently touring the United States and beyond. Famous for mimicking Poison’s look, sound, attitude and style, beyond all others, Poison Overdose is without a doubt....Nothing But a Good Time. "This is as close as you’re going to get to the real thing,” as stated in Circus Magazine.     


The  completely authentic look and sound is only the tip of the iceberg, at a Poison Overdose show.  Huge visual effects adorn the stage as the state-of-the-art sound system  builds to a bone crushing level.  The band explodes, with the fury and attitude of that Poison melt down, we all miss.  The smell of leather reeks, as clouds of scented fog roll over the vibrating stage.  The pulsating crowd comes alive and cheers for more, More, MORE are overshadowed only by the thunder of the PA , and girls showing more than they should.  A final salute of the confetti cannons, pay a well earned gesture of respect to Poison (the ambassadors of  glam-slam-rock-n-roll noise), and their die-hard fans, who keep the music alive.  Silly string, beach balls, percussion cannons, confetti cannons, crowd how Poison Overdose  rolls. Be a part of it! You'll be stunned and amazed! 


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