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Perpetual Change

While Perpetual Change is most commonly known as a 80s/90s cover band, those in the know also know that the band also spent time writing and recording a CD’s-worth of music in the late 80s and early 90s. They even traveled to the west coast, working hard to bring their work to the attention of people in “the business”. Below is a sampling of that work; please feel free to listen, download, and enjoy.

The songs were recorded from 1987 to 1995…some of the actual songs were written well before these recordings. Recording locations are noted with each song along with the players that correspond with the key below.These songs, while perhaps not greatest material, serve to capture some great memories that started in a basement in Shawnee, Kansas and took us from playing at Hocker Grove Middle School to expanding all over the Midwest and ultimately San Francisco and LA trying to get “the Big Break”. A lot of great memories came from that Journey…we learned a lot about songwriting, chemistry, business, but mostly friendship.

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