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Olivia Fox

Olivia Fox



In 2013, singer-songwriter Lauren Flynn, aka L.A. Price, released her self-titled solo album with the help and artistic direction of her manager David "DJ" Lee and producer Tyler Banks.  After three years of building the L.A. Price project from the ground up, Lauren longed to create deeper and more emotional music.  She began writing songs and crafting the idea of a female trio who all sang and played instruments.  Her manager DJ introduced Lauren to vocalist and keyboardist Aubrey Callahan and the two of them started working on the project as a duo for a few months as they still searched for a third member.  DJ then brought in vocalist and violinist Tiffany Smith, and at the end of 2016, OLIVIA FOX was born.  Aubrey, Tiffany, and Lauren bonded over their own personal heartaches and struggles life had thrown their way. They realized women are warriors, fighting their own unique and specific battles, which unites them.  Although they may all be different, they can all relate. The three ladies wanted to be inclusive and empower women through their music .  The creation of the name OLIVIA FOX was inspired by a list of names of female warriors.   The desire was to make a band name that wasn't singling out an individual or a title but rather the personification of an idea. OLIVIA FOX is solidarity in all women and encourages them to tell their stories and empower each other.   The band's creed is "we are all OLIVIA FOX.”   


As the band was crafting their sound and identity, Lauren again called upon her team of DJ and Tyler to help create a hybrid style of incorporating programmed beats and synth pads with traditional folk melodies, harmonies and live instrumentation.  In June of 2017, OLIVIA FOX released a self-titled six song EP that was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Banks and showcased the variety of sounds and musical textures that is OLIVIA FOX.  Music critic Bill Brownlee said OLIVIA FOX is, "one of the most fully realized musical acts in Kansas City. The polished group is radio-ready and eminently marketable. That's clear on ‘Play the Game,’ the lead track of the group’s self-titled 2017 EP. As synthetic beats contrast with traditional folk harmonies, the hushed song becomes a wondrous combination of tension and tranquility — as enticing as a romantic whisper.”   “Play the Game” has been released nationally to Triple A, Non-Comm, and Alternative radio formats and has received consistent airplay in many markets. Along with their debut EP, OLIVIA FOX has digitally released three singles with their latest single "Easy" released June 1, 2018.


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