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MYSTIFY: A TRIBUTE TO INXS transports audiences to experience the glory and magnificence of the famous 1991 INXS sold-out Wembley Concert. Paying tribute to the late/great—but never forgotten—voice, style, and charisma of Michael Hutchence, MYSTIFY appeals to multiple generations and musical tastes, delivering a high-energy performance with state-of-art sound, multi-media lighting, and captivating special effects. Each exciting MYSTIFY show features beloved INXS hits such as: New Sensation, What You Need, Need You Tonight, Never Tear Us Apart, Don’t Change, Mystify, Devil Inside, and many more. MYSTIFY concerts offer a celebration for music enthusiasts who yearn for a heavy dose of rock/pop, with just a splash of soul—a truly unique sound that INXS famously brought to the world from the Land Down Under. MYSTIFY’S travel-ready, fully contained show is scalable to any venue—ranging from theaters to clubs and casinos to outdoor festivals—and tailored to fit your needs with a 60-minute, 90-minute, or 120-minute performance. No detail has been left behind in recreating the INXS live experience. The MYSTIFY team consists of professional artists/musicians who expertly portray the excitement, musicianship, and stage camaraderie of INXS in concert. This tribute show is the full package—a high-caliber performance extravaganza that audiences won’t soon forget, and can’t wait to experience again.


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