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Mae Estes

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In the late 90’s, seven-year-old Mae Estes walked into an Arkansas rodeo arena with a cordless microphone and sang the national anthem a cappella for the first time, claiming she could do it better than LeAnn Rimes. She went on to perform at every rodeo she competed in, and eventually other sporting events, ceremonies and opries. Unlike most middle schoolers, Estes performed every Tuesday night on an AM radio show, where she first discovered her love for traditional country music. Eventually moving to Nashville in 2015, she’s been paying her dues from the moment she stepped foot in Music City, working up to three jobs at a time to financially stay afloat and playing for anyone who’d listen. Taking inspiration from artists like Lee Ann Womack and Keith Whitley, Estes merges the timelessness of traditional country music with modern melodies and production to form her exclusive artistry. Regarding her recent release, CMT said “Mae Estes is a country newcomer playing a vital role in reshaping the genre with her truthful and non-surface-level storytelling.”

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