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Madness & Melody

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Madness & Melody is a midwestern Americana duo comprised of Melinda Edlin and Oliver Hughes, long-time friends and musical collaborators.   Both Kansas City natives, and former Nashville college students, Melinda and Oliver met playing church music in 2012. Despite an immediate musical chemistry, a decade would pass for them to reunite musically. Melinda returned to Nashville in 2015 to pursue professional music while Oliver remained in Kansas City building a freelance commercial filmmaking and composing career. 2020 arrived, however, and both of their worlds collapsed. In March, Oliver found himself on the outside of a painful divorce and an unexpectedly halted creative business while Melinda and her family watched in horror from inside as their home was destroyed by the Nashville tornado.   One year later, back in Kansas City, the duo reunited. Oliver shared an instrumental piece, Melinda added melody and lyrics. Right then, Madness & Melody was born out of two unique stories of loss, combined with a flicker of hope to write and play music again. Madness & Melody weaves poetic lyrics together in tight, braided harmonies, underscored by unique guitar voicings and intricate piano. Their sound is fresh and unique, yet timeless. Their live performances combine these elements as an achingly beautiful folk-rock fusion that always commands attention from the audience.  


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