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Levee Town

Levee Town


The beat is supplied by Adam Hagerman.  A pro drummer in every sense of the word, skilled in a wide variety of rythmic styles he has honed his craft on the road and in the studio, bringing a fresh energy to the bandstand each and every night!


Jacque Garoutte multi-instrumentalist arranger and producer fills in the bass with years of musical experience. From Miami Oklahoma, Jacque lays down a deep strong bass line, supplies quite bit of energy onstage, and sings with a smooth single malt voice.


While growing up in central Oklahoma, Brandon Hudspeth saw Johnny Cash on Sesame Street and had to start pickin’ on guitars. As he sings, he rings the neck of his wide body Gibson like its a Flying Vee dipped in gasoline.


These guys are blazing hot! They will cause you to stomp your feet, clap your hands, and maybe dance on the tables. Levee Town generates a lot of excitement and a smokin’ good time. For your own protection, you better wear a fire suit!


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