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Jake Keegan

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The Jake Keegan Band delivers a high energy performance that seamlessly spans genres. Raised on rock n roll, steeped in the blues, and expanding on bluegrass, and folk techniques — this act truly is a music experience all of its own. Featuring some of Kansas City’s finest musicians, including Zach Bozeman, providing a steady groove on bass, and Pablo Sanhueza’s impeccable drum work. A heavy hitting rhythm section, fronted by Jake’s powerful vocals, mixed with versatile playing on electric guitar, resonator guitar, lap steel, and acoustic guitar— makes for an ever-changing live show. Jake Keegan is a touring songwriter and multi- instrumentalist based out of Kansas City. Drawing from influence ranging from blues, bluegrass, folk, and rock n roll— Jake writes genuine music that expresses a plethora of emotions, and identifies with the many experiences of life. He plays with a fierce intensity that evokes deep feeling, and nuances his instrument in smooth persuasion. Combining with dusky vocals with sultry instrumentals, his live performance decorates the air with heavy, palpable emotion. Cementing his place in the music industry, Jake has made his way to top tier festivals, and venues around the region and country. In addition to leading his own band, Jake is a founding member of the progressive bluegrass outfit, Grassfed, a member of Lily B Moonflower Band, and session musician for studio work.

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