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Jaclyn Bell

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Jaclyn Bell brings her craft of songwriting and combines it with her vocal powerhouse to deliver the sound present in her works. She has trained in studio and on stage across the nation and has brought her experience into the light on her first EP, Memories in 2018. Recording it on the Nashville scene on Music Row, she delivers her catchy hooks and vocal prowess in her songs like Memories and We’ll Never Know. In 2019, wanting to return to her roots, she recorded and released her first studio album Wanna Be Mine in Kansas City. Showing her quick wit and energy with her songwriting, Am I the One, History, and Wanna Be Mine has been played in radio stations across the U.S. and in the U.K. Performing her dynamic sound as well on stage as she does in the studio, she displays her craft on stage and brings her authentic style to her audience. The allure of Jaclyn Bell has been through her craft of songwriting and the ability to perform her songs. In her songwriting, she draws from unique experiences, relationships, and life events that have impacted her deeply.


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