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Gypsies, Doves and Dreams

Gypsies, Doves and Dreams


Gypsies, Doves and Dreams is a heartfelt tribute to the lyrical genius of Stevie Nicks.  Fronted by Kansas City native and tribute show pioneer Kim Osborne, Gypsies, Doves and Dreams strives to capture the "essence" of Stevie; the mystery, the emotion, and the power of her magical songs.  From her hits with Fleetwood Mac to a soaring solo career and sought after duo partner, Stevie Nicks is the undisputed Queen of Rock!  Spend an evening with Gypsies, Doves and Dreams, and fall under the spell...


song list


  • On the Fleetwood Mac album, this song was inspired by the book “Triad” written by Mary Leader, as well as a mythical Welsh witch; a role she played to the hilt.


  • A nod to Tom Petty’s ex-wife Jane who told Stevie how they met when she was “the age of seventeen”, it pays homage to the death of John Lennon, as well as her Uncle Jonathon, who both passed away near the same time.


  • One of Stevie’s first solo hits, co-written with Prince.


  • A fan favorite and intended to be Stevie’s crowning glory on the Rumours album, this song was cut off the record by Lindsay Buckingham before it’s release, and without Stevie’s knowledge.  It resurfaced on The Dance album years later, and was also the B side of the single Go Your Own Way.


  • From Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage album in 1982, Stevie wrote this nostalgic song about the freedom of her younger days.


  • From Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk album, based on her friend Sara, who later became the wife of her bandmate and former lover, Mick Fleetwood.


  • Also from Tusk; dark and hypnotic, this song is about obsession and the lure and destruction of illicit drugs.


  • Fleetwood Mac’s only number one single, Stevie wrote this timeless song about  break-ups as a kiss-off to her former boyfriend and bandmate, Lindsay Buckingham.  It poured out of her in 10 minutes, nearly word for word to the recording.


  • Written by Stevie for their Buckingham-Nicks album, Lindsay Buckingham handles the lead vocals on this one.  They recorded it a second time on the debut Fleetwood Mac album, once again with Lindsay on lead.  Quite a few years later, she recorded it on her own and it landed on the “Practical Magic” movie soundtrack which starred Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, and introduced Stevie to a new generation of adoring fans.


  • Stevie wrote this classic, country-sounding love song for Waylon Jennings and his then wife Jessie Coulter to record, but they broke up before it to the studio.  She ended up putting it on a solo album with the help of one of her former flames, Don Henley.


  • Stevie had an on-going relationship with Tom Petty, the nature of which publicly appeared to be platonic.  She very badly wanted to be a member of his band the Heartbreakers, but as Tom put it, “there are no girls in the Heartbreakers”. So she settled for some incredible duets with him, this one being their biggest hit as a duo. 


  • Also known as “Haunted Song”, Stevie intended this to be a more uptempo rocker.  This lesser known gem is a fan favorite.


  • Arguably one of the most beloved songs in rock history, Landslide is an ode to growing up, moving on, and living with your choices.  She often dedicated this song to her father, Jess. 

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