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Broderick Jones

Broderick Jones

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Kansas pop singer Broderick Jones released his 2014 debut, Cuddle, and began gaining popularity fast in his local city. S In early 2016 Broderick was featured on @It'sDifferent Pokemon u remix that went viral over night being viewed 1 million times in less than 24 hrs. Since then, Broderick's been featured on many other successful features that have racked up to over 34 million views on YouTube alone.  Broderick's First ever Ep, Me, was released late august 2017. He has since been featured on on @QSTNMRKS “Bad for asking” , @FAREOH “Moonlighting” and @KyleBraun “give me love”.   He has continued to release new material since including  most recent single “Bipolar Weather” in July which has over 100k plays in just a month.  Broderick Jones is for sure going to be one of the biggest things out of Kansas.


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