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Boogie Nights

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Everybody, whether they admit it or not, loves disco. The 1970s was an era that created a theme that has yet to be rivaled when it

comes to good times, dancing, and funky grooves. That theme is what drives Boogie Nights KC to play all the greatest hits from the



Boogie Nights KC is made up of five of the Kansas City area's top- shelf musicians. They offer spontaneity and genuine

reproduction of all your favorite Disco hits from the hippest era

ever. Band members are highly seasoned professional entertainers --wearing outrageous 1970's era clothing and providing music and hijinks onstage to entertain all ages.


What sets Boogie Nights KC apart from all the rest is their energetic ensemble of talented and fun musicians and over $50,000 in stage production that includes a high-definition video wall to enhance the disco experience with groovy images and live shots of the audience, Boogie Nights KC brings the authentic sounds and the top hits from this awesome time in music history with their energetic stage show and their authentic look.


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