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Bobby Kerr

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Bobby Kerr is a results-oriented serial entrepreneur, leadership expert, and certified Google Business expert, renowned for his exceptional track record in the growing businesses and teams. With a keen focus on delivering tangible outcomes, Bobby has founded and led ten highly successful businesses as an executive and/or founder. Bobby's outstanding achievements can be attributed to his unique approach of harnessing the power of RELATIONSHIPS combined with Google Business profiles to create thriving enterprises. Through his innovative strategies, Bobby has cultivated a network of clients and customers that is 100% referral-based, a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. One notable aspect of Bobby's accomplishments is his unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, reflected in his companies' impressive collection of over 1000 Google 5-star reviews. By prioritizing the needs of his clients and consistently delivering exceptional results, Bobby has established himself as a trusted authority across multiple industries, including but not limited to: Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Education, Corporate leadership, team building, as well as Youth Motivation. Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Bobby Kerr is recognized as a dynamic and influential public speaker, known for his ability to captivate audiences and motivate them towards success. Drawing upon his background as a public school teacher and stage performer for over 25 years, Bobby employs engaging and interactive techniques that ensure everyone in the audience feels empowered and enthusiastic. Bobby's expertise in real estate and the other aforementioned arenas, combined with his passion for public speaking, allows him to effectively serve his audiences, providing them with valuable insights and practical knowledge to excel in their personal and professional lives. Whether he is sharing his expertise on real estate strategies or delivering powerful motivational talks, Bobby Kerr commands the attention of his listeners, leaving a lasting impact on all who have the privilege to hear him speak. With his remarkable achievements, Bobby Kerr continues to inspire and empower individuals and businesses alike, shaping the real estate industry and motivating others to reach new heights of success. Bobby's companies have generated over $450,000,000 in revenue since 2007.


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