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Ashley Barron

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Ashley Barron embraces the independent and powerful country woman aura in her writing and music. Influenced by country greats such as Johnny Cash and other modern stars like Miranda Lambert, she incorporates her life experiences and stories into her writing, creating passionate, home-grown, and relatable music that deals with heartbreak, past memories, or a little too crazy of a night with friends.

Before being a country rock star, Ashley found her passion for music while singing in her room, participating in music lessons and the high school choir. Over the last few years, Ashley gained the courage to love herself when it came to performing. With a full support system behind her, Ashley’s passion for music grew, and she declined an invitation to University of Arizona and chose to go full force into her music career—recording and performing wherever and whenever she could.


As an inspiration to her fans, Ashley is devoted to speaking about honest topics that affect her daily life. By persevering through some of her hardest moments, Ashley decided that her logo would be an arrow, signifying to always push ahead and to never give up, even if it seems so easy to do. That’s been proven with her past single, "Beer in a Bar", which received critical acclaim and topped in Billboard at #37. Her last release, "Let Me Go", showed her strength both lyrically and vocally. In her newest single, Ashley bares her heart on "Pretend He's You", giving listeners a deeper understanding of what she is all about. Ashley recently released her self-titled, debut album!


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