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Alexa Kriss Keynote Concert

Alexa delivers a transformational message about overcoming fear and anxiety by tearing down walls of performance through vibrant vulnerability and discovering the true meaning of “I Am enough.” She provides insightful and healing application for the spirit, soul, and body, empowering you to turn knowledge into belief, and belief into reality.


Alexa began as a singer and songwriter in elementary school, performing as often as she could and eventually working her way through college by playing music until a nagging vocal injury began to get in the way. Still feeling lead to open a business and ministry reliant on her voice, Alexa embarked on a journey of growth and healing and quickly discovered that through faith, focus, and forgiveness, life-changing freedom is already yours.


Alexa has a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition and was a collegiate track athlete at the University of Nebraska Kearney. Through her music, athletics, and faith, she developed early on a passion for holistic health and wellness. Alexa has experience working as a rehabilitative exercise specialist at an integrated health clinic and is currently in YogaFaith certification training. Over the last 10 years Alexa has traveled throughout the midwest performing at various venues, college campuses, private events, and on TV and radio. She has 4 studio albums and has worked and recorded with top professionals in the music industry. Alexa lives in Kansas City, MO with her husband, Max, and their fur-kids, Gibson and Myrtle.


Alexa is excited to share her powerful testimony of freedom. No matter your age or place along the journey, this message is for you. Alexa will bring courage to move forward, guidance to follow, and truth to depend on. For, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Alexa Kriss

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  • Overcome Fear and Anxiety
    • Today the term anxious is often used interchangeably with being excited and therefore the weight and understanding of its meaning has been diminished.  This message will bring awareness to this reality and amplify the significance of our struggles with fear and anxiety.

  • Tear Down Walls of Performance
    • When a situation is unsafe we tend to build walls of performance around our heart to feel protected and in control. These walls, though separate us from bad, keep us from experiencing good. This message will point us to a higher protection, stronger, and more complete than we could ever achieve on our own.

  • Find Vibrance in Vulnerability
    • Most people consider vulnerability negative and a sign of weakness to be avoided at all costs. However, to be vulnerable is to be human. What if the incredible vibrance of life was found in our vulnerability?

  • Discover the Meaning of “I Am Enough.”
    • Every need, expectation, hope, and protection is met in surrender to the Father. You are enough because He spoke “I Am Enough.”

  • Apply Truth to Spirit, Soul, and Body
    • Wellness is achieved and maintained by feeding not just our physical body, but our soul and spirit. This message will reveal practical ways to apply these principles and unlock the healing and freedom that’s already yours.

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