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The Science Of

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The Science Of is an indie alternative band hailing from Joplin, MO. The Science Of draws upon elements of alternative rock, post-punk, indie and pop while seamlessly blending hauntingly melodic vocals over catchy guitar hooks. Becoming known for their high energy performances, The Science Of are looking to release their second recording 'Moments' this spring. The roots of The Science Of go back to early 2020 when guitarist Robert Combs approached drummer Lucas O’Dougherty about starting a new project. In a moment of destiny, Robert was contacted by bassist Jon Dillinger, who was moving back to the area and looking for a band to play with. Due to the pandemic and a series of ill-timed accidents the band mates were forced to write and record in isolation. Over the summer and fall, they were able to solidify enough material for an album, but they still lacked a singer. After a long search and a bit of fate; they happened upon Ashlee who sent them a demo she recorded on her phone. There was no question in their mind, they had to have her join the band. Her dynamic range, ear for harmony, and pop sensibility gave the songs a life beyond their vision. The resulting music evokes dark brooding emotion that will appeal to fans of A Perfect Circle and Thrice, but will also strike a note to those that enjoy Wolf Alice, Paramore, U2, The Cure, and Interpol.


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