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Steel Skarecrow

Steel Skarecrow



Steel Skarecrow is a group of highly talented and experienced musicians from around the Wichita, Kansas area. The band has developed a unique sound, blending nineties country, modern country, red dirt, and southern soul into a distinct sound all their own. With two albums on streaming media services, everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the music of Steel Skarecrow. The bands first single climbed into the top 70 on the Texas charts, with the second single released in April 2023, which has already moved into the top 100 and currently climbing. The bands third single is scheduled for release in fall 2022, and the band will be going into the studio to complete its third album in September 2022. Every song tells a story, with top notch musicianship and three-part harmonies. The songs range from red dirt, western swing and classic country, to outlaw country and southern soul. Below are some links that will allow you to download the music that will have you captured from the moment you start listening!

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